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Posted on April 7, 2016

One of the biggest breakthrough innovations in recent years for small business, has been the arrival of Xero Accounting Software.  The technology has transformed bookkeeping, accounting and financial information management for small business in Australia, like few other things before it.

The top five benefits of shifting your business to Xero are:

1. Accounting and payroll are all in one.

2. Your bank accounts automatically feed into the software, saving you incredible amounts of time and money.

3. No software needs to be installed ever.

4.  Over 300 applications can be added on to help manage your business.

5. Unlimited ability to collaborate with staff and advisors.

But many businesses have not yet been able to tap into the significant advantages that this product offers, as change is always seen as hard and is frequently met with resistance, the devil you know is often preffered over the opportunity of something new.

Geelong Premier Bookkeeping, as one of Geelong’s oldest bookkeeping firms offering premier services in professional, medical, trades and business for the last 17 years, are the established credible choice for local bookkeepers.  In order to maintain this position, Geelong Premier Bookkeeping have joined forces with Diligence Bookkeeping to become the specialists in the premier accounting software on the market, which is Xero.  Geelong Premier Bookkeeping has recognised where the industry is headed and where their clients need to be headed also.

Now is a great time to shift your transactions into Xero and to get the last 9 months worth of trading reconciled fast, so that you can complete this Financial Year using Xero Accounting Software.  As it can be a daunting challenge to change the systems you have used, it is highly recommend that you contact the team at Diligence Bookkeeping or Geelong Premier Bookkeeping so that you can be shown how, or have them complete the transition for you.  The high-tech cloud capabilities of Xero are the benchmark in the industry and are the standard that all clients should be striving for.