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Posted on February 27, 2017

For any small business, one of the most tedious tasks to do is lodging taxes and BAS statements. They take up hours of time for business owners with little expertise and can be an obstruction when they can focus on other things. Software such as Xero, Myob and QuickBooks help free up a few hours of accounting work for any small business. Having a bookkeeping service to assist you is even better.

Jacob is a general practitioner in Geelong. His office is usually swarming with several patients, waiting for long periods of time. Despite the availability of other doctors, the patients often refuse to transfer. Unlike many other GPs, Jacob takes up a good amount of time communicating with his patients, providing appropriate diagnosis and putting their various concerns to rest. For this reason, Jacob’s schedule is very tight.

Although Jacob loves his profession, he does not want to lose quality time with his family. He doesn’t work on weekends unless it’s an emergency. His wife, Julie is a nurse and is similarly busy on week days. So, the weekends are the only time they can spend as a family- going to outings with their kids to parks, driving them to sports, going to the beach etc. This is also the only time they can fit in accounting work into their schedule.

Despite the couple’s excellent people skills, they found the book work rather confusing and tiring. So, they spent hours of time sitting in front of the computer, trying to figure things out. Since it’s so confusing, they often deviated from the task at hand and instead browsed household related things in online stores. During this time, an emergency call from the hospital or an invitation to dinner from family friends could occur and the work would be postponed.

When Jacob contacted Geelong Premier Bookkeeping regarding tax returns as well as the bookkeeping concerns, the staff set him up with a Xero account. The staff transferred all his bulky accounting stuff to Xero software within 48 hours. They then showed him the Xero app, using which he can do invoices and email them to his patient every chance he gets. Jacob now gets some of his bookkeeping done as per his convenience and pass the rest off to the bookkeeping specialists at Geelong Premier Bookkeeping Bookkeeping.