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Posted on May 3, 2018

One of the key elements of a good bookkeeper is double checking the patterns and flows of funds.


At Geelong Premier Bookkeeping the process of auditing every quarter before lodgement of BAS has often resulted in clients finding lost money.


The most common of these is when a double payment has been made and reconciled but not picked up by a previous bookkeeper. The only way this is going to be picked up is if somebody double checks or possibly in the unlikely event that somebody at the supplier recognises the double payment and notifies you.


Recently one of our great clients had this happen when they overpaid the Australian tax office. The ATO is highly unlikely to refund that money and will simply deduct it off the next obligation, however this doesn’t help your cash flow. It is highly likely that without us finding the double payment the client may have continued to pay their tax and BAS obligations while maintaining a major credit balance.


Sometimes saving money on a bookkeeper doesn’t save you any money at all. For a quality bookkeeper feel free to contact  us today at Geelong Premier Bookkeeping we are happy to be your complete BAS services providers or to include your BAS as part of your overall bookkeeping service.